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14/52: The life of a TA

11 minute read

Starting this week, it will be my 6th time being a teaching assistant. Boy, it felt like it was just yesterday that I myself was an undergrad sitting in a tu...


Year 2

18 minute read

It’s that time of the year again - my third year of graduate school will officially begin in a few days, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to r...

On Doing-Nothing: At the Dentist’s

3 minute read

Doing-nothing has been losing ground to doing-something at a very fast pace, with the pervasiveness of the interwebs and hand-held entertainment steadily per...

It’s just a game: Goodnight Mr. Bryant

4 minute read

Not everyone plays sports, and not everyone can relate to sports. Be it basketball, football, golf, what have you. Certainly not everyone enjoys debating num...

wise words

less than 1 minute read

Since I haven’t written any toilet humor in a while and this might take more than 140 characters:


Year 1 (Part II)

15 minute read

It is now technically 10 minutes into the first day of second year, which means that, surprisingly, I finished this on time.

Year 1 (Part I)

8 minute read

I am now in the 52nd week of being in San Diego, so this marks an excellent opportunity to document my first year of graduate school. I’d also just realized,...

See no evil

2 minute read

Below is an excerpt from a recent post on Wait But Why (see full - in all senses of the word “full” - post, here) :


less than 1 minute read

In my experience, rabbits don’t notice you unless you notice them first.

You don’t know what foodporn is.

11 minute read

When you spend 3 hours making a nice homemade meal, don’t hashtag it foodporn, appreciate it. That’s like foodcommitment or foodrelationship or at least food...

Getting Back On the Horse

6 minute read

If there was an award for how hard someone fell off the horse, my 4-month hiatus from writing would probably place podium. Although, I think we can all agree...


Don’t Worry, Be Being Happy

4 minute read

I’ve had the (un)fortunate opportunity to learn about many somewhat-outdated cognitive models over the past two months of my education in Cognitive Science, ...

We suck at statistics

8 minute read

Over the weekend, many of you participated in my little psychology experiment for a course. Before I go into it, I just want to give a shout out to all those...

Who came first: the chicken or the egg?

8 minute read

Is similarity the basis of categorization? Or does categorization inevitably lead to similarity? Will we ever know? Is this even a good question? In addressi...

The importance of language in reasoning

5 minute read

In the study of cognitive science, we would like to think that humans employ a fairly formal system of reasoning, meaning that computations in the mind are s...

Is human reasoning rational?

7 minute read

Shamelessly plugging course work into the blog. Why not, right? Since I have to write once a week, might as well get my blog back up to healthy numbers.

RGAO EU2014: Prologue

4 minute read

After it’s all over, the first and only question that crosses your mind is:

RGAO EU2014: Aftermath

9 minute read

Well. I (obviously) did not fulfill my commitment of writing once a week during these 4 weeks of being on the road. Not even once. I am, however, fully inves...

RGAO EU2014: Packing List & Pre-Departures

2 minute read

I’ll be on the plane heading for Barcelona tonight, and so begins my month long backpacking trip through Western Europe. My plan is to continue writing once ...

San Antonio: A Tale of Two Spurs

17 minute read

The San Antonio Spurs (SAS) became the NBA Champions, for the 5th time in the Duncan Era (1997/98-Present), on June 15, 2014. It was full of beautiful and he...

Creative Serendipity: Death by Googling

6 minute read

This topic has been written to near-death, given how many different articles I’ve read regarding the adverse effects of the information age. Alas, as I’ve ye...

The Danger of Rationality

4 minute read

Let me open with an anecdote: last night I bought a rain jacket from SportsChek, it was on sale 30% off for $100 and it’s a relatively good brand (as I was t...

We are our 10%

7 minute read

Pause whatever you’re doing (which is reading), if you haven’t seen this trailer, you should check it out right now. It’s worth it, I’ll wait- but don’t go o...

It’s Getting Hot In Here

5 minute read

I hate hot weather. I hate it so much more than I hate when it’s cold, because even though I feel like the Michelin Man, being in the cold means that I can a...

Cause and Effect

5 minute read

Correlation neither is nor implies causation- it’s simply more useful.

Moving Forward

1 minute read

I wish I could come up with a better title for this very first piece, but I have to settle for the compromise between giving it too much, and at the same tim...