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Fear. [10/52]

20 minute read

Black lives matter. Or, they should matter, but currently, they don’t. That’s it. You can stop reading here. If you do go on, please note that there are some...

Legends are Forever. Rest In Peace. [3/52]

14 minute read

I guess that’s why it feels so devastating. This person who has - unbeknownst to me - been a continued teacher and inspiration for not only basketball, but m...

Challenge Accepted (Round 2) [1/52]

7 minute read

3 years ago, I challenged myself to post something on the blog every week for a year. I failed, ending up with only half that total. But it had the intended ...



CCN2018: Thoughts and Hot-Takes

17 minute read

Great, diverse talks; Loved the mind-matching; Panel discussion question was too unconstrained; Could use more non-deep learning stuff as a whole.


Combatting bias in science. (21/52)

8 minute read

However, to say that quotas simultaneously select for the best candidates and try to equalize existing disparities is, if not disingenuous, then completely m...

March for Science? (16/52)

3 minute read

No, we were marching for the existence of science in this world, its value in our current society, and the potential impact this anti-science sentiment will ...

Climate of Complete Certainty. (17/52)

5 minute read

After all, the fact that science is not 100% Truth and Certainty is nothing new. However, by omitting the danger of inaction, as well as the relatively stron...

The life of a TA. (14/52)

11 minute read

By the end of the 10 weeks, I learned something about prepping for big classes like these: don’t do anything at the beginning that will make you hate yoursel...

GET OUT. (12/52)

13 minute read

Nonetheless, it shocked me to realize that a lot of things that I thought were ‘normal’ not because they were, but because of the environment I was in. I’ll ...

Cycles and Subline (11/52)

2 minute read

Am I rooting for the immaculately shaped fireball to disappear, or to stay? When it does quietly sneak away, though, I feel an even stranger sense of satisfa...

Science as a belief system. (8/52)

8 minute read

Science education in schools and popular media largely ignore the philosophy of science and how the process itself is a process of elimination. At best, when...

My 5 butt words. (5/52)

4 minute read

“Basically, I was like, can we just go see the clowns and stuff, they’re definitely really cool.”


Year 2

18 minute read

So positive or negative, as long as we keep doing what we believe is right, there really is no bad outcomes, because science, more or less, is the business o...

On Doing-Nothing: At the Dentists

3 minute read

Doing-nothing has been losing ground to doing-something at a very fast pace, with the pervasiveness of the interwebs and hand-held entertainment steadily per...

It’s just a game: Goodnight Mr. Bryant

4 minute read

Thank you, for taking the world by its throat, when it mattered a lot and when it didn’t. Thank you, for creating storylines after storylines that we can rel...

Wise Words

less than 1 minute read

Since I haven’t written any toilet humor in a while and this might take more than 140 characters:


Year 1 (Part II)

15 minute read

It is now technically 10 minutes into the first day of second year, which means that, surprisingly, I finished this on time.

Year 1 (Part I)

8 minute read

I am now in the 52nd week of being in San Diego, so this marks an excellent opportunity to document my first year of graduate school. I’d also just realized,...

See no evil.

2 minute read

In reality, it’s just a bunch of regular Joes and Janes sitting on the (extremely) long end of a seesaw, catapulting the world across from them - not by mali...


less than 1 minute read

In my experience, rabbits don’t notice you unless you notice them first.

You don’t know what foodporn is.

11 minute read

Well, if you are too lazy to make lunch everyday, too sane to eat shit lunch everyday, or are too poor to purchase “healthy” lunches everyday, Soylent is for...

Redesigning the TP.

1 minute read

In other words, we NEED to decouple the two functional components of toilet paper - soft contact and rigid support - such that prioritizing for one does not ...


Don’t Worry, Be Being Happy

4 minute read

Instead of saying “I am sad”, sometimes it feels better to say “I am being sad”, as stupid as that might sound.

Who came first: the chicken or the egg?

8 minute read

Is similarity the basis of categorization? Or does categorization inevitably lead to similarity? Will we ever know? Is this even a good question? In addressi...

The importance of language in reasoning.

5 minute read

In reality, much of our reasoning, especially in the context of everyday life, occurs subconsciously, far removed from explicit representations through langu...

Is human reasoning rational?

7 minute read

Shamelessly plugging course work into the blog. Why not, right? Since I have to write once a week, might as well get my blog back up to healthy numbers.

RGAO|EU2014: Prologue

4 minute read

After it’s all over, the first and only question that crosses your mind is:

RGAO|EU2014: Aftermath

9 minute read

Well, to avoid further delays, I’m just going to start with the easiest: the quantifiable.

RGAO|EU2014: Packing List & Pre-Departures

2 minute read

I’ll be on the plane heading for Barcelona tonight, and so begins my month long backpacking trip through Western Europe. My plan is to continue writing once ...

San Antonio: A Tale of Two Spurs.

17 minute read

Honestly though: the Spurs getting too old 6 seasons ago was the reason why the Spurs won the title this year. Isn’t that something?

Creative Serendipity: Death by Googling.

6 minute read

I’m just going to end today’s segment with this: we often applaud the innovators of every generation for their massive creativity/intellect/ingenuity, but wh...

The Fault In Our Stars.

8 minute read

Reading TFIOS as a 23-year old male is like watching the Dark Knight trilogy but not knowing who the fuck Batman is and not caring about the action, while ap...

The Danger of Rationality.

4 minute read

Rationality is a tool to express yourself, to organize yourself, and to improve yourself. It is not a boulder behind which to hide yourself and your choices,...

We are our 10%.

7 minute read

To put it crudely, you probably recruit more than 10% of your brain when you try to take a poop (uncited, though this will make an awesome xkcd what-if segme...

It’s Getting Hot In Here.

5 minute read

All in all, what I’ve managed to learn through this little excursion is that 1) people hate hot and humid temperatures, 2) cognitive performance does not act...

Cause and Effect.

5 minute read

Correlation neither is nor implies causation- it’s simply more useful.

My Biggest Fear Realized

3 minute read

So here I am, scared shitless about finding what I value in myself, and consequently, what values I can bring to the people and society around me. But I do k...

Moving Forward.

1 minute read

And so, it is on this day- a day of ending and beginning in every sense, but a day unceremoniously residing in its square on the calendar, preceded and prece...