Collected below are projects for my own PhD research in computational and cognitive (neuro)science, stuff I contribute to, as well as some fun personal projects. Associated code and papers are included wherever possible.

Modeling and Decomposing Neural Field Potentials

What: In this set of works, I build computational models of neural field potentials (e.g., ECoG) from populations of neurons, and then try to work backwards and infer variables about the neural population from both simulated and experimental field potential recordings. This has been half the bulk of my PhD work.

Why: Features of the neural field potentials, such as oscillations, are routinely used in cognitive neuroscience as biomarkers of behavior, cognition, and disease, yet we have very little idea about how these mesoscale population-level signals come about. Personally, rather than just measuring them, I think having a theory-driven forward model of the signals we use would help us in better linking them with the behavioral variables we’re ultimately interested in.

Measuring Asynchronous (Stochastic) Population Firing (on-going)


Inferring Synaptic Excitation-Inhibition Balance (2017)

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Relating Spectral Power Law Changes to Population Firing Rate (2016)

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App beautiful app courtesy of Erik Peterson

Development of Network Activity in Brain Organoids

Defining “Cognition” and “Cognitive Processes”

Non-linear Dynamical Systems Analysis of Neural Signals